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[802SEC] FW: Wi-Fi Coexistence site

EC and 802.19,


               At the 802.19 WG meeting today we discussed the suggestion from Paul Nikolich that 802.19 request information from the Wi-Fi Alliance about their LAA/802.11 coexistence testing.


               Peter Ecclesine explained that all the public information about the WFA coexistence testing is available on the WFA web site.


               Below is the link to that web site along with instructions from Peter on where on the web site to find the appropriate documents.


               The WG decided that since this information is all publicly available there was no need for a liaison to the WFA requesting such information.





From: Peter Ecclesine (pecclesi) []
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2016 7:20 PM
Subject: Wi-Fi Coexistence site


Hi Steve,


   Scroll down for documents and test plans


Best Regards,




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