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[802SEC] Liaison from ITU-R WP5A regarding Railway matters

Dear all,


The attached spreadsheet from ITU-R WP5A was received this week. At the recent WP 5A meeting it was agreed to send a liaison statement to ISO/IEC, ETSI, UIC, ERA, 3GPP, RAC, IEEE, APT, and AAR entitled “Technical and operational characteristics and implementation of railway radiocommunication systems between train and trackside associated with work on WRC-19 agenda item 1.11”.


That agenda item is as follows:


“In addition, WRC-19 includes on its agenda, Agenda Item 1.11 on radiocommunication system for trains (including the possibility for Positive Train Control).  The short title of AI 1.11 is:

1.11     to take necessary actions, as appropriate, to facilitate global or regional harmonized frequency bands to support railway radiocommunication systems between train and trackside within existing mobile service allocations, in accordance with Resolution COM6/12 (WRC 15);”


The attached list of WP 5A contacts has a new column added titled “Rail”.  Jodi Haasz and Bill Ash have provided me with the contacts listed above.  I would appreciate your assistance by providing the data regarding who can be the primary contact on that topic (name, email address and phone number) in your groups. Please advise if you are aware of any other IEEE groups that may have an interest in this topic.  


Best regards,




Michael Lynch

IEEE Liaison to ITU-R


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Attachment: Copy of WP5A-Contacts List-20160520.xls
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