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[802SEC] June Teleconference - EC Action Items Review

Dear EC Members,

I have reviewed all action items from March and noted status below.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC



March Opening –

Item 5.131       John Lemon to work with John Goldberg to clarify steps in process to withdraw 802.17 standard.



Item 5.141       Gilb to implement text of Chair’s Interpretation documented on Slide #6 into the Chair’s Guidelines

                        Completed - updated Chair's Guidelines has been posted.  v23


Item 5.141       Gilb / D’Ambrosia to provide text for responsibility of maintaining CSDs for recording secretary

Completed - updated Chair's Guidelines has been posted.  v23


Item 5.144       Chair delegated future negotiations of “Get IEEE802” to Roger Marks



Item 5.144       D’Ambrosia to update location of GetIEEE on 802 Website.



Item 5.144       D’Ambrosia to send note to reflector with URL location of agreement.   



Item 5.46         D’Ambrosia - put indemnification policy on 802 website. 



March Closing –

Item 3.00            Action Item – Thaler to recommend policy regarding putting items on consent agenda for June Teleconference, including policies regarding notification (agenda versus reflector notification).

                             Completed – See Email, June 6, 2016


Item 4.01            Action Item - Dorothy Stanley to draft policy language regarding submission of documents that will be considered by the EC, including location on Mentor.


                             Completed – See email May 23, 2016.



Item 7.011          Action Item – Stephens to CC Nikolich on 3GPP liaison



Item 8.041          Action Item – Thaler to report at June teleconference on the remote technology and associated cost.


                             June Teleconference see agenda Item 8.0


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