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[802SEC] Monday IEEE 802 EC consent agenda item - IEEE Std 802.3by-2016 25 Gb/s Ethernet publication press release

Dear EC Colleagues,

Based on consultation with the IEEE-SA PR agency, the attached press release has been developed to announce the publication of IEEE Std 802.3by-2016 25 Gb/s Ethernet which is expected to occur shortly. Since the development of this press release was at the request of the Task Force Chair and myself, I've request that EC approval of the press release be placed on the consent agenda of the opening IEEE 802 EC meeting on Monday 25th July 2016.

I'd therefore like to request that you please provide any comments on the attached draft by Friday 22nd July 2016 23:59 AOE.

Thanks and best regards,

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Attachment: ec-16-0104-02-00EC-ieee-std-802-3by-2016-25-gb-s-ethernet-publication-press-release.pdf
Description: ec-16-0104-02-00EC-ieee-std-802-3by-2016-25-gb-s-ethernet-publication-press-release.pdf