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Re: [802SEC] Request for approval to submit IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 to RevCom

David. Approved. --Paul

-------- Original message --------
From: "Law, David" <>
Date: 10/14/16 1:17 PM (GMT-05:00)
To: "Paul Nikolich <>" <>
Cc: "Adam Healey <>" <>, "Dan Dove <>" <>, "Andrew Gardner <agardner@linear. com>" <>
Subject: Request for approval to submit IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 to RevCom

Hi Paul,

The last paragraph of Clause 11 'Procedure for Conditional Approval to Forward a Draft Standard' states that 'Submittals may be forwarded to RevCom without Sponsor Approval or Conditional Approval in order to meet the submittal requirements for the next RevCom meeting, provided that the Sponsor Chair first notifies the Sponsor email reflector that, in the Chair's view based on the complete RevCom package, there is a reasonable expectation that the submittal will be approved by the Sponsor before the RevCom meeting. If it becomes apparent that approval will not be completed, the submittal shall be withdrawn from the RevCom agenda as early as possible.'.

Based on this provision I am requesting your approval as the Sponsor Chair to submit IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 to RevCom in time for the December 2016 submittal deadline of 18th October 2016. The one comment received on the previous draft, D3.2, resulted in a substantive change shown in the attached compare draft. As a result the 3rd Sponsor recirculation ballot on IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 was opened on Wednesday 12th October 2016 with a closing date of Thursday 27th October 2016. The current ballot results for the 3rd recirculation ballot of IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 are detailed below and as you will see we currently have 100% approval.

I'm therefore seeking your approval to submit IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 to RevCom under the provision of RevCom convention 5 'Recirculation Ballots in Progress at the Submittal Deadline'. The full submittal package is attached.

Thanks and best regards,


IEEE P802.3bu draft D3.3 ballot results as of 14th October 2016

104 Voters
  90 Approve
   0 Disapprove
   4 Abstain
  94 Ballots returned

  90.38% Response Rate (>= 75% required)
   4.26% Abstain Rate (< 30% required)
100.00% Approval Rate (>= 75% required)

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