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[802SEC] Consent agenda item for Monday: IEEE Std 802.3bz-2016 draft press release

Dear EC,

The IEEE corporate review of the IEEE Std 802.3bz-2016 draft press release we approved last month resulted in the changes marked in the attached updated draft release available at <>. I've also attached a copy of the updated draft release. Due to this I've asked that the following motion be placed on the Monday morning opening IEEE 802 EC consent agenda.

Best regards,



The EC supports the IEEE Std 802.3bz-2016 2.5/5GBASE-T publication press release available at <>, to be issued with editorial changes as deemed necessary.

Move: David Law
Second: John D'Ambrosia

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Attachment: IEEE_SA_IEEE_Std_802 3bz_publication_D2p0_CMP.pdf
Description: IEEE_SA_IEEE_Std_802 3bz_publication_D2p0_CMP.pdf