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Re: [802SEC] Is America a suitable venue for 802 meetings?

James & the rest of the 802SEC list,

Please keep politics out of the IEEE SEC reflector.

James, you may have been intending to do that - but when you say

On 1/30/2017 10:24 PM, James Gilb wrote:
...similar to the temporary suspension under the Obama administration for refugees from Iraq in 2011, but again, that is unrelated to our business.
I hear you clearly engaging in political discussion by making comparisons to past actions based on who made them. Or perhaps you intended to play "engineer being literal" and meant that anything is, to some degree, "similar" to something else. 

Either way, I would submit that you missed the mark re being neutral.... (understandable as it's hard to not be emotionally involved in recent events).  Believe me, I am very tempted to offer up in this email several links that would provide additional info to better factually frame the implied comparison - but then I'd be doing just what I prefer to see avoided on this reflector.

IMHO over the years the SEC has proven to have enough internal politics to be entertaining on it's own. If it wants to have any hope of managing 802 activities, I strongly recommend that the group stick to it's knitting and keep as far away from current US politics as possible (no matter what side of a current events argument any individual may find themselves on).

David Bagby

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