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Re: [802SEC] Possible Signs of Dominance action


The issue is whether a participant's employer has a membership and that membership binds the employer and its employees to a particular position.
If the SIG has NDAs with respect to either its membership or its technical positions,
then that can make life difficult when we are trying to do dominance detection.

I admit that a SIG itself may not be financially supporting a position but the combined financial muscle of the SIG members might very well distort affiliation information.
I suspect the IEEE procedures need a little tuning in this area.

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On Apr 18, 2017, at 11:42 PMPDT, Adrian Stephens <> wrote:

The definitions of affiliation in the bylaws ( states:

"An individual is deemed "affiliated" with any individual or entity that has been, or will be, financially or materially supporting that individual's participation in a particular IEEE standards activity. This includes, but is not limited to, his or her employer(s) and any individual or entity that has or will have, either directly or indirectly, requested, paid for, or otherwise sponsored his or her participation."

The use of the term "SIG affiliation" is incorrect (according to the current bylaws) unless the SIG is financially or materially supporting the individual's participation.   The definition does not include the activities that might occur in a SIG (or any other meeting of individual experts), such as "informing", "influencing", or "providing a platform to refine submissions".

<flippancy style="far-fetched" lang="usa">If we had to declare every organization that had an influence on how we make decisions as individual experts,  I'd have to cite Mrs Bishops grade 2 class, where I first really understood math).</flippancy>

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