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[802SEC] P802c to RevCom



On 17 March, the EC granted conditional approval to forward P802c to RevCom. Here is the report, per OM Clause 11.


a)    The process proceeded as scheduled. Recirculation ran from 22 March - 1 April. The 9 comments, all from Approve voters, were addressed at a teleconference of 12 April. The responses, along with a new Draft 2.2, were reviewed in a second recirc, from 16-26 April. 

b)    The approval rate is 98% (90/1/5). No Disapprove votes or Disapprove comments were submitted during the second recirc. The comments of the sole remaining Disapprove voter (Richard Roy), as presented to the EC in March, remain unsatisfied.

c)    No changes are being made to the draft as a result of the second recirculation ballot.


Having met the conditions, we are proceeding to submit to RevCom for June approval.







Glenn Parsons - Chair, IEEE 802.1



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