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[802SEC] IEEE 802 Plenary, Berlin, Academic researcher seeks interviewees related to development process for wireless coexistence standards and IoT standards

Dear 802 EC members,

I have been in contact with Prof. Seamus Simpson or the University of Salford, UK.   He is running a project as described in the box below.   He will be attending the Berlin IEEE 802 Plenary meeting,  and is looking to make contact with individuals with an interest in contributing to his project by being individually interviewed.  (I have been interviewed by him.)  If anybody is interested in talking to him,  please contact him directly (details in cc: and below).

I asked Paul Nikolich about whether this could be publicized in IEEE 802, and his response was:  "I think the activity should be publicized across the 802 community as a whole via the 802 EC reflector.   Subsequently, WG/TAG chairs may inform their participants at their discretion."  Please consider informing your WG members.

Prof Seamus' contact details:  Simpson Seamus <>.
He writes:

IEEE 802 Plenary Berlin, 9-14 July


Participant Names:

Imir Rashid (Associate Research Fellow, University of Exeter, UK)

Seamus Simpson (Professor of Media Policy, University of Salford, UK)


Associated Research Project: International Professional Fora: A Study of Civil Society Organisation Participation in Internet Governance

We are academic researchers in the social sciences (politics, communication policy) engaged in a three year UK Economic and Social Research Council funded research project. Our over-arching research question is: Does civil society participation in self-regulatory fora promote public interest goals in Internet governance at the international level?

The project aims to understand better standard-setting at the international level with a focus on three key areas, one of which is spectrum. The other two areas of the project are privacy (led by Prof George Christou, University of Warwick) and open standards (led by Prof Alison Harcourt, University of Exeter).

As social scientists, we aim to provide detailed insight into the standards making world which, although highly technical of course, very much affects the way in which citizens and consumers live and work on a daily basis. For further information on the project, visit:

Purpose of Attendance at the IEEE 802 Plenary

Dr Rashid and Professor Simpson have registered for the IEEE 802 Plenary.

Our aim is to:

·         Contribute, as appropriate, to the discussions being held at the event

·         Undertake a range of interviews with attendees at the event as part of our research project


The part of the research project focused on spectrum (led by Seamus Simpson) has currently two core concerns:

·         The development of co-existence standards for use of unlicensed wireless spectrum

·         The development of wireless technical standards for the Internet of Things


At IEEE 802 Plenary, we hope to talk to attendees who could help us understand better the development process of wireless co-existence standards for local area network environments. We are particularly interested in gaining an understanding of how solutions to the challenges of co-existence emerge and the role of key parties in securing them. We are also interested in talking to experts who might be able to discuss the state of play with wireless LAN standards development for the Internet of Things, though we realise that this may not be a core concern of attendees at the Plenary.


The Outcomes of Our Research Project

Our research is a publicly funded academic project. The information we would hope to gather on the above topics through one to one interview engagement with attendees at the IEEE 802 Plenary would adhere to strict ethical procedures for academic research in the social sciences. It is our intention that the information would be used as part of a series of future academic outputs. Rashid and Simpson will give a paper on co-existence standards at the 2017 European Consortium for Political Research General conference, Oslo, 6-9 September. It is our intention to present the results of the project at dissemination events in London (October 2017) and Brussels (March 2018). We expect the project to produce a further conference paper, as well as three academic articles and a co-authored research monograph, over the course of 2018 and 2019. The information gathered at IEEE 802 Plenary in Berlin, we hope, would assist in the production of this work.

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Phone: +447342178905
Skype: adrian_stephens
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