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[802SEC] Request for participants in IEEE 802 delegation for SC6 meeting

G’day Paul and IEEE 802 WG Chairs


Action for WG chairs: volunteers required for IEEE 802 delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 meeting in Korea (F2F or Webex)


Thank you to the IEEE 802 EC for passing the two motions. They will certainly assist make the IEEE 802 delegation at the upcoming SC6 meeting more effective.


There have been some recent developments  (see attached documents). As you know from previous reports, the China NB has proposed a Security ad hoc in SC6/WG1. The current Terms of Reference of the proposed Security ad hoc are:


(a) Review the security technologies in the published standards from SC6, and provide amendment or revision project recommendations.

(b) Handle the comments and dispositions on security technologies of ongoing projects with controversies.


Recommend the amendment or revision projects, which are developed in SC6.

Handle the comments and dispositions on security technologies with controversies, and make sure that the disposition of all the comments get consensus.

Provide progress report at the next meeting.


Until SC6 resolves to terminate its tasks.


Open to representatives from SC 6 NBs, Liaison Organizations and related organizations.


via face-to-face or by electronic means.


There is likely to be a lively discussion about these terms of reference at the upcoming SC6 meeting in Korea, as part of a comment resolution process on the SC6 ballot that approved the Security ad hoc. The IEEE 802 delegation will be participating in this discussion based on the material in ec-17-0066-01-00EC-802-to-jtc1-sc6-wg1-liaison-statement.pdf, which was liaised to SC6 back in March 2017,. I understand that various NBs may also be providing possible resolutions to comments. One likely possibility is that the terms of reference will need to be changed because they currently are incompatible with the JTC1 Directives.


In the worst case, if the terms of reference are not changed from their current form, it is likely the Security ad hoc will be reviewing the security related comments (all from China NB) and comment dispositions (by IEEE 802) on a long list of recent 60-day and FDIS ballots under the PSDO process. They include:

·        802.3 stds


o   802.3by

o   802.3bq

o   802.3bp

o   802.3bz

·        802.1 stds

o   802.1Q

o   802.1Qbz

o   802.1Qbv

o   802.1Qca

o   802.1AB

o   802.1Qbu

o   802.1AC

·        802.11 stds

o   802.11-2016

o   802.11ai

·        802.21 stds

o   802.21

o   802.21.1

·        802.22 stds

o   802.22

·        802.15 stds

o   802.15.6


As you can tell, the Security ad hoc could have a significant impact on IEEE 802. At this time, I am putting together an IEEE 802 delegation for the SC6 meeting in Korea, and particularly the SC6/WG1 meeting at which these issues will be discussed. It will be possible to attend by Webex, although at least one person will attend F2F. I am not yet certain of the exact timing of the meetings, but is appears the WG1 meetings will be held on 30 Oct to 1 Nov and the SC6 plenary on 3 Nov. Typically they start at 9am and run until the early afternoon.


The IEEE 802 delegation so far is:

·        Andrew Myles (HoD, Chair of IEEEE 802 JTC1 SC) - Webex

·        Peter Yee (Vice Chair of IEEEE 802 JTC1 SC) - Webex

·        Hyeong-Ho LEE (Vice Chair of IEEE 802.21 WG) - F2F

·        Dan Harkins (IEEE 802.11 WG) - Webex


Could you please either pass this note on to your WG, asking for any additional volunteers to join the IEEE 802 delegation, or arrange for some volunteers from your WG yourself? It would be great to have at least one participant from each WG. I would like to confirm the delegation by CoB Friday (anywhere in the world) so that I can forward the list to the SC6 Secretariat next week.




From: Paul Nikolich []
Sent: Wednesday, 4 October 2017 5:11 AM
To:; Andrew Myles (amyles) <>
Subject: The IEEE 802 to SC6 status report and HoD motions were approved




We approved the following motions without objection  


Motion: Approve transmission of 11-17-1490r1 to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 as the report
            of the status of IEEE 802 standards that are being considered or will be
             considered by SC6 under the PSDO process, and
           ·        Authorize Andrew Myles to:
                o   (a) update 11-17-1490r1 with any additional PSDO voting results
                          prior to the upcoming October 30-Nov 3 meeting of SC6 
                o   (b) transmit the updated document to SC6




Motion: IEEE 802 EC
            o   appoints Andrew Myles as HoD for the IEEE 802 delegation to the SC6
                 meeting starting in late October 2017,
           o   authorizes him to appoint additional members of the IEEE 802 delegation,
           o   instructs the IEEE 802 delegation to represent positions consistent with
               documented IEEE 802 positions.


at the 03 October2017 802 EC interim EC telecon.  Please feel free to send the report and begin assembling a delegation.





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