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[802SEC] Signs of dominance document updated and possible motion

Dear EC,

The signs of dominance document was reviewed in a pseudo-ballot.   Those who volunteered to consider the
comments considered the comments and an updated document is available here:

I would propose we consider what to do with this, and provide a forum for discussion of the meta-questions
about whether we should even try to define such signs, or defer to the SA,  I will propose a motion along the
lines of:
"Approve documents <reference> as the 802 guidelines its WG officers (and TG/TF officers) might use to determine dominance in their groups.
Instruct the 802 rules committee to develop language to insert in the 802 chairs guidelines a reference to this
document describing this as its purpose."

Or if the rules committee had speculatively developed such language this might go in the motion instead of
the instruction - if our rules on updating the chairs guidelines would permit this.

Best Regards,

Adrian Stephens
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
Phone: +1 (971) 203-2032
Phone: +447342178905
Skype: adrian_stephens
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