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[802SEC] P802.15.10a comment from the RAC Chair

6.2.b, Registration activity
–Comment:  5.2.b of the PAR describes the scope as including “completely define addressing”.  The use of EUIs for addressing is registration activity.  Either the scope is imprecisely stated (e.g., the addressing mentioned is not 802-style MAC addresses contrary to the response to CSD 1.1.2.b); or there is registration activity expected in the amendment, use of MAC addresses.  Please note that engaging the RAC earlier in the process is usually better than getting surprised by RAC comments later in the process when registry content is noticed and the RAC requests coordination.
–Proposed remedy:  If the answer remains no, explain why the RAC should not need to do a mandatory coordination review.  In this case, the explanation would have the difficult task or reconciling the scope implying new address related specifications will be included.  If answer is changed to yes, explain the scope of registration activity.  If accurate, the response could indicate that the use of EUI MAC addresses is not changed from previously reviewed material, but that the RAC may want to review the new text completely defining addressing.

Robert M. (Bob) Grow
Chair, IEEE Registration Authority.

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