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Re: [802SEC] Post Nov Plenary Action Items

John (and Jonathan)-

See below 

On Dec 19, 2017, at 11:13 AMPST, John D'Ambrosia <jdambrosia@GMAIL.COM> wrote:

Happy Holidays to everyone.  I would like to leave everyone with this present – a list of action items, post Nov 2017 Plenary.  Please review this list and send me your updates.
Happy Holidays!
John D’Ambrosia
Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

Action Item Summary (Opening Meeting)

Item 5.011 - Goldberg to resolve if declaration of affiliation is necessary for pre-PAR activities.
Item 5.011 - Goldberg - Determine if IMAT is not sufficient to collect information required.
Item 5.011 - Goldberg to update presentation before giving to other WGs this week, based on issues raised in EC.
Item 5.011 - Goldberg to create document to educate chairs on requirements.
Item 5.012 - Goldberg to ensure International Version of standards that are withdrawn are correctly noted in the IEEE SA database as such and to ensure they are withdrawn from ISO/IEC/JTC1 as appropriate.

Just to make sure that this point is not lost in the shuffle.
IEEE 802.2 was withdrawn as an IEEE Standard specifically because:
1. IEEE does not have any such thing as no-maintenance stabilized standards and ISO/IEC does.
2. ISO/IEC was willing to stabilize 8802-2 instead of withdrawing it (and did so)
3. Several 802 standards had dot2 references which were repointed to 8802-2.

It may well be more appropriate to stabilize the international versions of other 802 (or other IEEE) standards rather than withdraw them.  ISO, IEC and JTC-1 are more flexible in this area than is the IEEE.

Item 5.012 - Goldberg : Determine if the SASB rules state that  there are three types of inactive standards status as reflected in the IEEE-SA FAQ
Item 5.12 -    Stephens to review results of pseudo ballot on guidelines related to detecting dominance with Gilb to see what, if any, changes to rules are necessary.
Item 6.04 -    Canchi to work with Goldberg to initiate sponsor ballot to withdraw 802.20.

Action Items Summary (Closing Meeting)

Item 4.04     Gilb - update P&P using new baseline (plus dominance remedy text)
                      Gilb - update OM (ICAID and Public Statement)
Item 7.021   Mody -  Postpone “IEEE 802.22b Response to the China NB for the ISO/IEC/JTC1 FDIS Ballot to EC email ballot.  
Item 8.01     Stephens - to be the single point of contact for interacting with Newman on next gen myballot/tools
Item 8.031  Myles to withdraw 8802-1/2001, 15802-1/1996, 15802-3/1998, 802.5 based standards from ISO/IEC/JTC1

I believe that 8802-5 should be stabilized rather than withdrawn.


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---------- This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector. This list is maintained by Listserv.