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Re: [802SEC] Nov 2018 Plenary - Closing Meeting Minutes Posted

This feedback will be addressed shortly with other feedback received


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On Dec 13, 2018, at 3:46 AM, Jon Rosdahl <> wrote:

Hi John,
I have a few suggested change/improvements to the minutes:

  Agenda Item 4.03 - should reference that more discussion was deferred to item 8.047

Agenda item 5.013:    Motion #5 should be "Move to Table the motion"    delete "motion on floor" (editorially it could refer to Motion #4).

Motion #9 Motion to Amend  should reference "Motion #8 " suggestion is that the motion be noted as "Motion to Amend Motion #8" or change second line to be "Move to delete the word modified in motion #8"

Motion #16:  change "Motion to take from the table the previously tabled motion" to "Motion to take from the table Motion #4" or note that the motion being taken up is motion #4.

Agenda Item 8.032:  I think "Action Item – Nikolich send out private note to EC Members to get feedback regarding staff support" should be for agenda item 8.01 (should be moved to 8.01 from 8.032)

Agenda item 8.99 " Nikolich / D’Ambrosia will review and send summary to airport." this does not seem valid.  I think that this should be " Nikolich / D’Ambrosia will review and send summary to EC".

Action item review " Item 8.033-" should either be 8.01 (if moved correctly) or 8.032 (if not moved)

Respectfully submitted,

p.s. Thanks for your efforts to keep the group record straight.  I know it is not easy.

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On Fri, Dec 7, 2018 at 2:57 PM John DAmbrosia <> wrote:


The minutes for the 802 EC Closing meeting from the Nov 2018 Plenary have been posted.  Please see

Please review and email me with any proposed modifications / corrections.


John D’Ambrosia

Recording Secretary, IEEE 802 LMSC

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