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Re: [802SEC] IEEE Virtual Events Team -- can we leverage them?


You hit the nail on the head -- duplicating the experience of a live in person standard development meeting virtually will be difficult, perhaps impossible.

I just received an email this morning from John Wettlaufer , IEEE Volunteer Engagement and Technology Solutions Director who is leading discussion on this general topic.  Via a separate email, I will make introductions -- he has several questions that will help him better understand 802's unique requirements.



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Paul – There are a lot of ‘virtual events’ that are focused on presentations and information transfer, without action.  Ours are more ‘virtual committee work’, and therefore tend to involve more interaction, questions, debate and consensus building.    The slide deck appears to be oriented towards the information-transfer model.  If they don’t bring it up, you might discuss the different meeting types with the group.  It is a lot easier to participate in a webinar, where Q&A are more orchestrated, than in debate, where it is essential to build mutual understanding and find common ground.  Have they touched on that?  (we spend a lot of time discussing mechanics of voting, etc., but with large groups, I find it very difficult to mirror the effect of a long line in the queue and the ability to look around the room and see if the bulk of the group is actually interested, building consensus requires something more than just the presentations and mechanics…



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Subject: [802SEC] IEEE Virtual Events Team -- can we leverage them?




I'm participating in the IEEE Technical Activities Strategy and Management meeting series this weekend.  A common theme is the need to transition face-to-face conferences/meetings to virtual conferences/meetings.  


I learned the IEEE MCE has a "Virtual Events Team" that may be able to help us with our needs.  Please consider contacting them to learn more about their capabilities and if we can leverage them for 802 sessions.  See for details.


The key individuals identified in the presentations are


David Stankiewicz: Event Producer MCE| Virtual Events Strategist
Susan Root: Director MCE| Conference Business Services and Strategic Programs





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