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Updated November 11, 2017
802.1 lists Sending to lists Mail from lists Subscription management/Help

802.1 lists

Working Group 802.1 has several email lists. Below are descriptions of each, and access links for subscribing and unsubscribing.

In case of problems, a subscribed address must reach a person! Do not subscribe the address of another list.

Main 802.1 list: STDS-802-1-L      Subscribe or leave the main list here.
The main 802.1 list carries most discussion, including procedural or technical issues as well as announcements of meetings, new documents, and ballots.

802.1 ballot-response list: STDS-802-1-BALLOT      Subscribe or leave the ballot-response list here.
The ballot-response list is intended only for votes and comments during active ballots. Thoss who prefer less email can avoid this list and wait for a full report, sent via the main list.

802.1 maintenance-request list: STDS-802-1-MAINT-REQ      Subscribe or leave the maintenance-request list here.
The maintenance-request list carries work items on existing 802.1 Standards. All requests should be prepared on a standard form. Because new items are announced online after receipt, many 802.1 members find they need not subscribe. See the 802.1 Maintenance Web page for details.

802 Architecture list: STDS-802-ARCH      Subscribe or leave the Architecture list here.
The 802 Architecture list supports an Architecture group hosted by, but not part of, 802.1. Participants come from all 802 Working Groups, addressing issues in LAN and MAN communications architecture that cross Working Group boundaries. The list disseminates meeting agendas, presentation material, discussion items, ballot notices, etc. Depending on the architectural issues that arise, this list may be inactive for extended periods.

802 NEND list: STDS-802-NEND      Subscribe or leave the NEND list here.
The 802 NEND list is for communication between members of the “802 Network Enhancement For the Next Decade” Industry Connections Activity.

802 YANG list: STDS-802-YANG      Subscribe or leave the YANG list here.
The 802 YANG list is for coordination between editors and experts on the development of IEEE 802 standards projects on YANG data models. .

802.1 lists Sending to lists Mail from lists Subscription management/Help

Sending restrictions

Before posting email to a list, you should understand our restrictions on format, content, and message size. Here is a quick summary; some entries link to expanded explanations below. (These restrictions, and other information on this page, may not apply to the 802 NEND and 802 YANG lists.)

The subject line cannot be blank.
Plain text is preferred. All HTML is stripped before distribution.
Please avoid using “return receipt requested.”

No spam, please.
Do not send “tests” of list operation, unless requested by the administrator.
Do not send mail with claims that the contents are proprietary, confidential, or otherwise restricted.

Message size
Messages over the size limit are rejected.
Please avoid ZIP attachments.

Other concerns
Replies go to the original sender, not the list. If you use Reply All to circumvent this, edit the resulting list of addresses! The administrator doesn’t want one at the “List help” address.
Microsoft® Outlook® users: Do not use “Resend this message.”

List addresses

If you send from an address not subscribed to the list, the server may reply with a request for confirmation.

Email link: 802.1 main list.

When sending to the ballot-response list, use the form, subject line, and address provided in the ballot announcement.

To send an item to the maintenance-request list, use the form and mail link provided in the Maintenance section of the 802.1 Website.

Email link: 802 Architecture list. (Please use only when an Architecture project is active.)

Email link: 802 NEND list.

Email link: 802 YANG list.

After sending

Subscribers usually receive a copy of their contributions. (Some email services, notably Gmail, may block them.) Non-subscribers should receive a report when the message is distributed. Those new to 802.1 may have their contributions delayed for moderator approval.

DON’T PANIC! If you have posted a message and not yet received your copy, resist the impulse to send it again immediately. This is not an instant-messaging system.

Maybe you didn’t send it. Check your sent mail, if possible.

Maybe you didn’t confirm. If your sending address doesn’t match a subscription, you must answer a server request. Look for one in received mail, then in filtered mail.

Maybe the server delayed or rejected it. Check for server notices in both normal received mail and filtered mail. If you find one, it should say whether you need to correct an error and resend. If your post is queued for approval, retransmitting it won’t help.

If your posts consistently require confirmation or approval, you may need to change your subscribed address or to add a send-only subscription, so your “From:” header address is recognized.

Maybe your copy is delayed, bounced, filtered, or misplaced. This is not uncommon, so always check the list archive. Anything archived has been distributed to the list, whether or not you received a copy.

802.1 lists Sending to lists Mail from lists Subscription management/Help

Mail from the list

List email frequently contains URLs for documents or other information. Sometimes a URL may be broken into two lines by either the sending or receiving email tool. If that happens, you may need to reassemble the parts of the URL to use it. Extended discussion of broken URLs is unnecessary.

Any mail with a “From” header field containing the list address, or any of the addresses related to the list (e.g., owner-listname), is spam and possibly dangerous.

List email is checked for viruses by the IEEE. Typically, a virus is removed before the message reaches the list, and the mail is blocked. We cannot guarantee all will be caught! If the subject or purported author looks suspicious, handle with caution.

Spam is unwelcome and usually blocked. If any reaches the list, you can assume the administrator is working to improve defenses.

List mail NOT received

The administrator receives reports of delivery failures. The administrator may suspend email to a persistently failing address. Subscribers can restart delivery themselves or request help from the administrator. If you restart delivery without correcting the problem, the administrator will probably suspend it again.

Hint: Make certain your mailbox has not exceeded its storage quota!

The administrator tries to notify subscribers of problems, and test messages are sent to the failing address. If an address remains unreachable, it is eventually deleted from the list.

Subscribers may suspend and restart delivery of 802.1 email for their own convenience, without triggering any administrative measures.

802.1 lists Sending to lists Mail from lists Subscription management/Help

Subscription management and personal help

The 802.1 lists are administered by Hal Keen.
     This is an email link to Hal’s current address.
This is a “throwaway” address, subject to change. Don’t save it; instead, return here for a current link.

You’re always welcome to contact the administrator for help with list questions or problems. If you would prefer not to wait for email contact, you may be able to manage your subscription using email commands or by creating your own login to the IEEE list server.

The list server software is LISTSERV®, from L-Soft international, Inc. The basic resources for subscription management are:
IEEE list server
LISTSERV® manuals

802.1 lists Sending to lists Mail from lists Subscription management/Help
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