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Please be aware that material posted to any 802.11 reflector is available to the public through the web access URLs, and is searchable by web search engines. Don't say anything in an email you don't want to be made public.

List of 802.11 reflectors

Group eMail Reflector Public URL Description Unsubscribe or edit subscription options
Working Group (WG) email/stds-802-11/index.html

The Working Group's main reflector.

For general discussion not related to a specific subgroup.

Meetings and Working Group Letter Ballots are announced using this reflector.

All active members will be automatically subscribed to this list if they request any other reflector. This is to ensure they receive notification of important events that may affect their membership.

Note, it is the responsibility of every active member to maintain a working subscription to this reflector.

If that doesn't appear to work, try

Working Group (WG) read-only

All mail sent to the main reflector is copied to this list.

Those subscribed to this list will receive mail, but cannot send it. Any email sent directly to this list will bounce.
CAC SC email/stds-802-11-cac/index.html

The 802.11 Chair's Advisory Committee.

This committee is composed of WG and TG officers and membership of the reflector is limited to those in these positions. If you need write access to the list, contact the appropriate 802.11 vice chair.
Editors SC email/stds-802-11-editors/index.html

The Editors Standing Committee is formed of all 802.11 Working Group and Task Group editors.

It is used to coordinate matters related to the editing and publication of 802.11 drafts.

Read-write membership of the list is limited to WG and TG editors. If you need access to this list, contact the WG Technical Editor.
AANI SC email/stds-802-11-aani/index.html The Advanced Access Network Interface Standing Committee
ARC SC email/stds-802-11-arc/index.html The Architecture Standing Committee
TGm email/stds-802-11-tgm/index.html Maintenance Task Group
TGaz email/stds-802-11-tgaz/index.html Next Generation Positioning (NGP)
TGbb email/stds-802-11-tgbb/index.html Light Communications (LC)
TGbc email/stds-802-11-tgbc/index.html Enhanced Broadcast Service
TGbd email/stds-802-11-tgbd/index.html Enhancements for Next Generation V2X
TGbe email/stds-802-11-tgbe/index.html Extremely High Throughput
TGbf email/stds-802-11-tgbf/index.html WLAN Sensing MAC Addresses (RCM) Data Privacy Protection (EDP)

General Information

Public read-only web-based access is provided to all 802.11 reflectors using the URLs shown above. In addition, public subscription to a read-only version of the main 802.11 reflector is provided. Use: to subscribe to the public read-only reflector.

Read-Write access to the reflectors is managed through a subscription process. Subscriptions to a reflector are subject to current 802.11 Operations Manual, which describes the definition of an Active member of 802.11 (i.e., an 802.11 member with the status Aspirant, Potential Voter or Voter; or a former Voter member who is in the ballot pool of a current working group ballot series).

Subscriptions for the non-public reflectors are requested the following form: Un-subscription is a performed using a link described below, and which is also described in the footer of all emails sent from a reflector.

For any direct access to, such as un-subscribing from a list or subscribing to the public read-only list, you will be asked to create an account if this is your first visit. If this is the case, follow the online instructions. Use your email address, and then enter a password that you can remember. Complete the form, and the system will send you an email to confirm, then once again follow the instructions closely. Accept the cookie, then you have completed this one-time process, and can utilize all the site subscriber functionality provided.

Access to a non-public reflector is provided for official technical business of the Working Group or a Study Group, or Standing Committee. WG letter ballots, technical discussions and questions, comments on presentations and documents, are welcome. The public read-only reflector carries a copy of the traffic sent to the "main" reflector stds-802-11.

The reflector identifies subscriptions by email address. It will only allow postings from a subscribed address. This can make it awkward to use email aliases such as as your subscribed address - i.e. only subscribe using an address from which you can originate email.

If you change your address, send an email to the responsible WG vice chair, who will perform a global update. If you change your email address (e.g., moving jobs) and do not update the system, it will eventually automatically determine that the subscribed email address is no longer functional, and will delete the subscription.

Confidentiality statements are not permitted (e.g., "This email is CONFIDENTIAL and may be read by the intended recipient only..."). If your employer's email system inserts these statements, you will need to subscribe using a personal email account that does not carry such a statement.

Commercial activities are not permitted. If in doubt, consult a WG officer before posting.

Subscribers who do not meet these rules may be removed from the 802.11 reflectors. Reflectors are not otherwise moderated.

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