2014-05 Bruce Kraemer Recognition Photographs

Adrian Stephens (IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair) introduces the Recognition ceremony and expresses his appreciation of Bruce Kraemer (802.11 outgoing Working Group chair). With Jon Rosdahl (802.11 1st Vice Chair).
Jon Rosdahl (802.11 first Vice Chair) introduces the first presentation and expresses his appreciation.
Bruce carefully unwraps the gift.
Adrian has to get into the act, of course.
What could this possibly be?
It's a pen set, craftsman made of local materials.
Dorothy Stanley (802.11 second Vice Chair) introduces the second presentation.
The gift  is a book of photographs with many personal messages from current and former participants.

The photographs are mementos of various 802.11 activities,  such as group photos and trips.
Dorothy Stanley expresses her appreciation.
Bruce gave a personal retrospective on how the world has changed during the work of the 802.11 working group,  and how the technology we are enabling in 802.11 has contributed.
His speech was received with a standing ovation of all present.

Full Size Photographs

The full-size photographs are available here, and by clicking on the photographs above.


Working Group IEEE 802.11 gratefully acknowledges Richard Kennedy for taking these photographs.

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