IEEE 802.11 Current Working Group Officers

Note - see also the honor roll for previous officers, and additional officers (e.g., secretary, editor & vice-chairs) of sub-groups.

Working Group

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details
Dorothy Stanley Dorothy Stanley
(HP Enterprise)
IEEE 802.11 Working Group Chair
+1( 630) 363-1389
Jon Rosdahl Jon Rosdahl
1st Vice Chair (Venues and meeting planning)
+1 (801) 492-4023
Robert Stacey
(Intel Corporation)
2nd Vice Chair (Rules and reflectors)
IEEE 802 (LMSC) EC delegate
+1 (503) 712 4447
Stephen McCann
(Blackberry Ltd.)
+44 1753 667099
Peter Ecclesine Peter Ecclesine
(Cisco Systems, Inc.)
Co-Technical Editor
+1 (408) 710-3403
Robert Stacey
(Intel Corporation)
Co-Technical Editor
802.11 Assigned Numbers Authority
+1 (503) 712 4447

Standing Committees

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details
Jim Lansford
Wireless Next Generation (WNG) Chair
Joseph Levy Joseph Levy

(InterDigital Communications Inc.)

Advanced Access Netowork Interface (AANI) Chair +1.631.622.4139
Mark Hamilton
(Ruckus Wireless)
Architecture (ARC) Chair
+1 (303) 818-8472
Jon Rosdahl Jon Rosdahl
Project Authorization Request (PAR) review Chair +1 (801) 492-4023
Andrew Myles
Coexistence Standing Committee Chair
+61 418 656587

Task Groups

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details
Osama Aboul-Magd
TGax Chair
High Efficiency WLAN
+1 613 287-1405
Edward Au (Huawei) TGay Chair
Next Generation 60 GHz (NG60)
+1 773 782 6875
Jonathan Segev Jonathan Segev (Intel Corporation) TGaz Chair
Next Generation Positioning (NGP)
Minyoung Park (Intel Corporation)
TGba Chair
Wake-up Radio (WUR)
Nikola Serafimovski Nikola Serafimovski (pureLiFi) TGbb Chair
Light Communication (LC)
+44 131 516 1816

Marc Emmelmann (Koden-TI) TGbc Chair
Enhanced Broadcast Service
Bo Sun (ZTE) TGbd Chair
Enhancements for Next Generation V2X
Alfred Asterjadhi Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm) TGbe Chair
Extremely High Throughput (EHT)
+1858 658 5302
Dorothy Stanley Dorothy V. Stanley
TGmd Chair
802.11 revision project - P802.11REVmd
+1( 630) 363-1389

Study Groups & Topic Interest Groups (TIG)

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details

Amelia Andersdotter (Article 19) Random and Changing MAC Address Topic Interest Group Chair

Liaison Officials to non IEEE-802 organizations

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details

Peter Yee
Liaison to IETF
(Internet Engineering Task Force) 
Ian Sherlock Ian Sherlock
(Texas Instruments Inc.)
Liaison to WFA
(Wi-Fi Alliance)

Liaison Officials to IEEE-802 organizations

Photo Name (Affiliation) Position Contact Details
Jay Holcomb

Liaison to IEEE 802.18 +1 (509) 891-3281
Tuncer Baykas
(Istanbul Medipol Universitesi)
Liaison to IEEE 802.19
Tim Godfrey
(Electric Power Research Institute)
Liaison to IEEE 802.24 +1 (650) 855-8584 (office)

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