IEEE 802.11 Technical Editors


An IEEE 802.11 technical editor is a volunteer from the 802.11 membership who is responsible for producing the documents for balloting and approval by a project. The editor takes inputs in the form of submissions by 802.11 members, comment resolutions by comment resolution committees, requirements from the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) editorial staff, and requirements from the IEEE-SA rules and style guide and artfully blends them together into a project's main output document.

Each project (i.e. task group) that produces an output document for approval by the IEEE-SA has its own editor. In addition, a technical editor is appointed at the working group level to coordinate the activity of these editors.

This page contains links to resources that support the work of the 802.11 technical editors.

Editors' Honor Roll

WG Technical Editors

Years WG Technical Editor
1993-1997 Bob O'Hara & Greg Ennis
1998-2003 Bob O'Hara
2003-2010 Terry Cole
2006 Simon Barber (Co-technical editor with Terry Cole)
2010-2016 Adrian P. Stephens & Peter Ecclesine
2016 - Robert Stacey & Peter Ecclesine

Project Technical Editors

Standard / Project (-year published) Editor(s)
802.11 FHSS sub-group Naftali Chayat
802.11 DSSS sub-group Mike Trompower
802.11 IR sub-group Thomas C. Baumgartner
802.11-1997 Bob O'Hara, Greg Ennis & Jim Schuessler
802.11-1999 Bob O'Hara & Greg Ennis
802.11a-1999 Hitoshi Takanashi
802.11b-1999 Carl F. Andren
802.11d-2001 Bob O'Hara
802.11F-2003 Bob O'Hara
802.11g-2003 Carl F. Andren
802.11h-2003 Andrew Myles
802.11i-2004 Jesse Walker
802.11j-2004 Peter Ecclesine
802.11e-2005 Srinivas Kandala & Michael Fischer (retired)
802.11-2007 Terry Cole
802.11k-2008 Joseph Kwak
802.11r-2008 William Marshall
802.11y-2008 Peter Ecclesine
802.11w-2009 Nancy Cam-Winget
802.11n-2009 Adrian P. Stephens
802.11p-2010 Wayne Fisher
802.11s-2011 W Steven Conner (retired) & Kazuyuki Sakoda
802.11z-2010 Menzo Wentink
802.11v-2011 Emily Qi
802.11u-2011 Necati Canpolat
802.11-2012 Adrian P. Stephens
802.11aa-2012 Hang Liu (retired) & Alex Ashley
802.11ac-2013 Robert Stacey
802.11ad-2012 Carlos Cordeiro
802.11ae-2012 Henry Ptasinski
802.11af-2013 Peter Ecclesine
802.11-2016 Adrian Stephens, Edward Au & Emily Qi
802.11ah-2016 Minyoung Park (retired) & Yongho Seok & Alfred Asterjadhi
802.11ai-2018 Tom Siep (retired); Lee Armstrong & Ping Fang
802.11aj-2018 Jiamin Chen
802.11ak-2018 Donald Eastlake & Norm Finn
802.11aq-2018 Dan Gal (retired) & Lee Armstrong
802.11-2020 Emily Qi, Edward Au
802.11ax-2021 Robert Stacey
802.11ay-2021 Carlos Cordeiro
802.11ba-2021 Po-kai Huang
802.11-2020/Cor1 Robert Stacey
802.11az Chao Chun Wang & Roy Want
802.11bb Volker Jungnickel & Harry Bims
802.11bc Carol Ansley
802.11bd Yujin Noh
802.11be Edward Au
802.11bf Claudio Da Silva
REVme Emily Qi, Edward Au
802.11bh Carol Ansley
802.11bi Po-Kai Huang

The Editors' meeting

The editors for active projects meet at each 802.11 session in order to review status, address any project-specific issues, review order of publication, and to decide on matters affecting consistency across the 802.11 projects. This meeting typically takes place at 7:00am on the Tuesday of an 802.11 session.

All editors of active projects are expected to be present. IEEE-SA staff are usually present when this meeting coincides with an 802 plenary to give help and advice.

IEEE-SA Editors' Resources

The IEEE-SA provides many resources for IEEE-SA project editors.

This page describes preparation and editing of standards.

IEEE 802.11 Editors' Resources

802.11 has various conventions, styles and processes that an 802.11 editor needs to be familiar with. Refer to document 11-11/0875 (The 802.11 Editors' Guide) for details.

The editors have an IEEE SA iMeet Central workspace. Please contact Robert Stacey if you want access to this site.