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[STDS-802-11-AANI] 802 EC LS to 3GPP PCG Update

This is an update on the status of the 802.11 and 802 EC liaison activity with 3GPP.


The 802 EC has sent an liaison to the 3GPP PCG:, or


The 802.11 liaison (, or PCG37_20) that 802.11 sent to 3GPP TSG RAN (RAN) and 3GPP TSG SA (SA) in September, was referred to the 3GPP PCG by RAN and SA.  Bothe RAN and SA has asked the  PGC to provide their views on how RAN, SA, and 802.11 can interact/work together.    


Both of these liaisons will be discussed at the upcoming PCG meeting on 20 October 2016, in London, UK. (  Hopefully a decision will be made at the meeting to encourage and promote interaction between 3GPP and 802.   If a decision is not made at this meeting, the next PCG meeting will be 25 April 2017.  So hopefully a decision can be made next week.


Additional background:

The 3GPP PCG is the Project Coordination Group of 3GPP and is the top level administrative group in 3GPP and is responsible for overall time-frame and management of technical work.   The group basically consist of representatives of the Partners [ATIS (USA), ARIB (Japan), ETSI (Europe), CCSA (China), TTC (Japan). TTA (Korea)]. TSDSI (India) and the technical leadership (TSG Chairs) of 3GPP.  The next PCG meeting is 20 October. 


As 3GPP is a company based body and the various 3GPP partners are influenced by the various companies which are members of 3GPP thru the partners, these companies will influence and help defined the position PCG takes regarding these liaisons.  So if you are affiliated with one these companies, please coordinate with your company to make sure your views are considered in the PCG response to these liaisons.


I will share additional information as it become available.  If you are aware of any information related to this or other related topics of interest please feel free to share them on this e-mail thread.



Joseph Levy (InterDigital)

IEEE 802.11 AANI SC Chair