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[STDS-802-11-AANI] AANI SC Way Forward: Technical Report on Interworking and the WBA Report/LS

CALL for Contributions

The AANi SC is scheduled to meet:
  •  9 March 18:30 h UTC (13:30 h ET)
  • 11 March 00:00 h UTC (10 March 19:00 h ET)
  • 11 March 16:15 h UTC (11:15 h ET)
  • 15 March 17:30 h UTC (13:30 h ET).  
Dear All,
There are key two items that the AANI SC will address during upcoming 802.11 Plenary meeting:
  1. Discussion and generation of 802.11ax capabilities that address the specific challenges identified in the WBA Report/LS  
  2. Discussions on how to progress the 11-20/0013:
Item 1:

The liaison document includes the following request, specifically referencing 11ax and 11be capabilities:

Some of the specific challenges for IEEE 802.11 considerations include:

  • Need for further study within IEEE 802.11 on how fine grain QoS for 5G flows can be provided in 802.11ax and 802.11be leveraging new MAC/PHY capabilities of these standards.
  • Challenges related to enabling QoS differentiation for 5G flows over WLAN access, especially if the QoS mapping is not addressed by WLAN vendor - one way to address this includes defining 5QIs to DSCP values to 802.11 User Priority mapping, considerations for supporting the device centric and network centric approaches for WLAN QoS differentiation for 5G flows based on IPsec child SAs, defining 5G QoS parameters to 802.11 User Priority and TSPEC parameters mapping and extending TCLAS element to support IPsec SA traffic.

The AANI SC has been tasked with the following by the 802.11 WG Chair to support the WG response to the liaison document received from WBA: 
  1. Contributions related to the analysis of current 802.11ax capabilities
  2. Contributions related to the development of a description of how 802.11ax capabilities can be used to meet the use cases identified in the liaison.
  3. Generation of text to be used in a reply LS from the WG to provide the description and analysis of the 802.11ax capabilities. 

Item 2:
During the January WG closing plenary a motion was made to approve 11-20/0013r10 the "Draft technical report on interworking between 3GPP 5G network & WLAN".  The motion failed:  For: 39, Against: 22, Abstain: 34.
The AANI SC will consider how to progress the report so that the 802.11 WG will approve the report.  The AANI SC may consider providing additional information to the WG and any contributions that improve the report.   

Contributions are requested, if you intend to provide a contribution please notify the Chair. 
Joseph Levy
802.11 AANI Chair

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