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Re: [STDS-802-11-AANI] Draft technical report (11-20/0013r14)

Dear Hyun Seo,


Thanks for the updated draft report!


Have couple of comments below on “Section 8 Conclusions”. Hope it is not too late to comment.


On page line 21, the text says “As for QoS management, IEEE 802.11 must specify enhancements to its QoS mapping and MAC scheduling that include QoS identification and profiles to guarantee QoS in terms of deterministic packet delay, low PER and data rate.”


Comment #1: by the word “must”, what does it exactly mean here? Please note that IEEE 802.11 standards development is  based on contributions from members and consensus-building among members. Not sure how the “must” here is going to be implemented. Perhaps, it’s better to change the tone to some sort of “recommendation”.


Comment #2: about “specify … MAC scheduling”, my understanding is that, like most of the communication standards, IEEE 802.11 WG has carefully chosen not to specify, i.e., not to standardize, the MAC scheduling, for reasons such as, a) MAC scheduling does not impact on interoperability; b)  provides rooms for implementation-specific optimizations to allow products differentiations; ….

Therefore, I don’t think it is appropriate for this report to request IEEE 802.11 to specify MAC scheduling.


Hope we will have time to have further discussion (before any motions on this report). Thanks!







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Subject: [STDS-802-11-AANI] Draft technical report (11-20/0013r14)


Dear Joseph and all,


I have posted the updated draft technical report (11-20/0013r14) cleaned version.

Please, refer to the attached file  and consider it to be discussed during July 15, ANNI meeting.



Hyun Seo Oh

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