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[STDS-802-11-ARC] Discussion of doc 11-21/316 MLO Architecture Reference Model

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Hi all,


Thanks for the discussion today for this presentation. Sorry I had to rush today so some folks on the queue didn’t get a chance to ask questions. My take is there is some interest in the group to further develop some of these diagrams so they could be included in the 11be spec.


Mark notified me (thanks Mark!) the following folks may have questions on these slides so I started this thread here to collect all the questions and comments you may have. Please feel free to ask or comment here.  Of course, I always welcome direct emails as well if you prefer.


Slide 3 (simplified arc diagram): Yongang Fang, Mike Montemurro, Mark Hamilton, Po-Kai Huang

Slide 9 (data plane protocol stack diagram): Joe Levy

Slide 13 (AP MLD discovery, probing): Solomon Trainin




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