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[STDS-802-11-CAC] Reminder about 802.11 Closing Reports, Motions and Telecon schedule

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Chairs' Advisory Committee Reflector ---


Dear 802.11 sub-group chairs,


This is a gentle reminder to please send your closing report, motions and updated telecon schedule to me

by the start of the 802.11 CAC meeting on thursday.  Please make my life easy (for which read,  I make

less mistakes) by following these instructions:



0. Get a document number and post your closing report.


1. If you have Office 2007 or later, use .pptx format,  NOT .ppt

(I have to convert to .pptx if you supply .ppt.  Sometimes I forget,  which means I'm sat waiting for

Access to churn for a minute or so while it determines the .ppt doesn't contain something dangerous.)


2. Motions can be embedded in your report,  or a separate .pptx file using the 802.11 template.  If you

use some random other template,  it probably won't look very good when I come to present it.


3. Email me in a single email the powerpoint file containing the report and any separate powerpoint containing motions

(Don't email me a link or a document number because then I have to go hunt it up.  And my access to the document server

might not be up at the time I need to do the work.)


4. Update your telecon details in the table below.  Highlight your changes in an obvious way.

(Be ever so slightly unsubtle,  don't underestimate the stupidity of your 2nd Vice chair to notice the

blindingly obvious,  especially at the end of a day after a week of sleep deprivation.).




Best Regards,




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