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Re: [STDS-802-11-CAC] 2021-12-06 CAC teleconference annotated agenda and draft 2022 January agenda graphic

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Chairs' Advisory Committee Reflector ---
Add to Cell AD3 - PAR SC is not meeting in January.
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On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 10:12 AM Stanley, Dorothy <dorothy.stanley@xxxxxxx> wrote:
--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Chairs' Advisory Committee Reflector ---

Dear CAC members, 


The annotated agenda from our call today is below, and the draft 2022 January session agenda graphic is attached. 

Let me know of any further requested changes. Please also remember to take out January opening report document numbers by this coming Friday, December 10th. 

I plan to post the initial draft January 2022 agenda on Friday Dec 10th. 


I want to thank each of you for all your work in 2021 for the 802.11 WG. This has been especially given the electronic only format and operation and pandemic challenges.

I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season and look forward to hopefully seeing you sometime in 2022! 

All the best in 2022 -







2021-12-06 802.11 CAC-1 for January 2022 Electronic Session 

1.       Present 

    1. Dorothy Stanley  
    2. Assaf Kasher 
    3. Marc Emmelmann 
    4. Peter Ecclesine 
    5. Bo Sun 
    6. Jon Rosdahl 
    7. Jim Lansford 
    8. Tony Han 
    9. Mark Hamilton 
    10. Michael Montemurro 
    11. Robert Stacey 
    12. Carol Ansley 
    13. Hassan Yaghoobi 
    14. Nikola Serafimovski 
    15. Alfred Asterjadhi


2.       July and September 2021 follow-up items 
    1. July attendees not registered: 4 individuals had not paid and were removed from the voter list and 802.11 reflectors last week 
    2. September registration status – any individuals not paid will be removed from the voter list and 802.11 reflectors Feb 1, 2022

3.       November 2021 follow-up items 

    1. Ballot Status 
      1. P802.11bb D1.0– November 2021 Initial WGLB opened Dec 3, 40 days 
      2. P802.11bd D3.0 – Recirculation WGLB opened Dec 1, 15 days 
      3. P802.11REVme – Initial WGLB opened Dec 1, 40 days 
    2. SA items 
      1. Submitted to Jan 2022 NesCom agenda: Corrigendum PAR to correct 802.11ay assigned value error  
      2. Submitted to Jan 2022 NesCom agenda: P802.11bb PAR modification  
    3. Liaison/Communications 
      1. WFA communication re P802.11az comments was sent, see 
    4. November registration status
      1. Still in progress. 
    5. Reminder: Please post subgroup minutes and send webpage and timeline updates to Stephen McCann

4.       January 2022 

    1. Reschedule or cancel planned Jan 3 CAC call due to holiday/vacation – Change to January 6th 9AM (same time of day) 
    2. January Interim will count towards voting rights in the same way as an in-person interim session 
    3. Update draft graphic - changes made
    4. Any WG11 plenary requests - none
    5. Planned ballots out of the January meeting - none

5.       Registration reminder slide for chairs to use in agenda announcements 

    1. Paid registration for the January 2022 meeting is required. 
    2. Robert has prepared & sent out a slide for all TG/SG/SCs to use in their agenda decks to remind attendees of the registration requirement.  

6.       Future meetings  

    1. January 2022 (was Panama)  – Will be electronic, same fee structure as September 2022
    2. March 2022 – EC Decision on December 7 
      1. In-person or  
      2. in-person and hybrid (times still Eastern) 
      3. all electronic 
      4. Comment: make test site information (some within walking distance of the hotel) available to members 
    3. Registration fee structure for the March 2022 meeting (if in-person/hybrid) has been determined by the EC, starts at $700, see ec-21-265r2, 
    4. May 2022 – Warsaw. Decision on in-person planned February 2, 2022

7.       Schedule option: For electronic meetings, an AM0, 7am-9am Eastern.  802.15 has been using this Timeslot. 4AM Pacific viewed as too early for groups with large number of Pacific time participants.

8.       Still open – September WNG Research discussion possible next steps 

    1. Identify Research contacts 
    2. IEEE Society outreach 
    3. Wider distribution for WNG call for contributions – identify options 
    4. Other

9.       Update on 802.1 Technical Plenary – Mark Hamilton 

    1. First call held last week; additional calls planned 
    2. Topic: Project for IEEE Std 802 revision. Last update in 2014, 10-year life, need to update by 2024. Current working view: Revision project to roll-in published amendments + project for evolved link layer topics 
    3. Topic: 802.15 & 802 compatibility 
    4. Discussions in NENDICA, add to liaison reports on agenda 

10.   IEEE resources re: dominance:  See and


11.   Round table  

12.   Adjourn 

13.    Reminder: Recording straw poll results in the minutes: Best practice is to record numeric results (or unanimous) only. Straw polls provide information. They do not pass or fail. 


Dorothy Stanley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


+1 630-363-1389

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