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[STDS-802-11-CAC] Annotated agenda from 2022-04-25 CAC teleconference

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Chairs' Advisory Committee Reflector ---
Dear CAC members,

The annotated agenda from our call today is below.
Our next CAC teleconference is May 5th, please forward your snapshot slide(s) to Robert before that call.

Let me know of any further CAC or WG plenary agenda requests.



2022-04-25 802.11 CAC-2 for May 2022 Electronic Session  



Dorothy Stanley   

Jon Rosdahl 

Robert Stacey 

Mark Hamilton 

Peter Ecclesine 

Jim Lansford 

Mark Rison 

Bo Sun 

Christy Bahn 

Marc Emmelmann 

Tony Han 

Carol Ansley  

Assaf Kasher 

Nikola Serafimovski 

Warren Kumari

  1. March and prior meeting follow-up 
    1. Webpages, minutes and timeline updates – please send to Stephen McCann if you have not already done so. 
    2. Registration totals to date (May – not available), 
      •  January (1 non-paid), March (20 potential non-paid for all 802) 
      • Nov/Sept meeting non-paid 
    3. May 2022 Marriott Warsaw to be rebooked to May 2024
  2. Review May meeting Agenda graphic – Added WNG session Tuesday evening Eastern
  3. Motions and ballots out of the May meeting  
    1. Closed 4/14: Corrigendum D1.0 to Initial WGLB (30 days) – Passed 
    2. SA Ballot Pool formation for the Corrigendum is open 
    3. Planned May: Corrigendum Recirculation (15 days) 
    4. Closed 4/22: 11bb Recirculation WGLB (15 days) -Passed 
    5. Closes 4/28: 11bc recirculation WGLB (20 days)  
    6. Closes 5/5: 11bd initial SA ballot (30 days) 
    7. Closes 2022-05-20: 11bf D0.1 Comment Collection 
    8. May: P802.11be D2.0 to Initial WGLB, CSD affirmation, CAD approval 
    9. May: P802.11bh D1.0 to Initial WGLB, CSD affirmation 
    10. May: PAR Extensions for TGbb, TGbc, TGbd 
    11. TG/SC officer elections
  4. 802 Technical Plenary plans. Mark Hamilton - no meeting currently scheduled
  5. May 3 EC Telecon – no WG11 items at present 
  6. Paid registration for the May 2022 session is required.   
    1. Remember to include Robert’s slide in agenda deck
  7. Future meetings   
    1. May 2022 – Warsaw: electronic (only) session  
    2. May 4 WCSC meeting – decision on September in-person/mixed mode (default)/electronic 
    3. July – In-person (Montreal) & electronic 
  8. Still open – September WNG Research discussion possible next steps  
    1. Identify Research contacts  
    2. IEEE Society outreach  
    3. Wider distribution for WNG call for contributions – identify options  
    4. Related: Francesco Restuccia 11-22-0460 follow-up: Possible TIG to consider use cases
  9. IEEE resources re: dominance:  See and 
  10. Round table 
    1. Plan for Tuncer to report 11bb items
  11. Adjourn  


Dorothy Stanley

Hewlett Packard Enterprise


+1 630-363-1389

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