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[STDS-802-11-EDITORS] Agenda requests for the upcoming Editors meeting

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Editors' Reflector ---
Dear Emily and Robert,

For the Editors meeting on Tuesday, may I know if there is any chance we can cover the following 2 new topics?

1)  Based on the discussion in TGbe, I need an advice on whether the following terms are capitalized:
a)  "HE sounding NDP" vs. "HE Sounding NDP"
b)  "EHT sounding NDP" vs. "EHT Sounding NDP".

In P802.11be D5.01, I used "EHT sounding NDP" for the sake of consistency with "HE sounding NDP".  A few members asked whether sounding should be capitalized or not 'cause they consider these are frame names.

2)  Based on a comment assigned to me in REVme (and a discussion in the most recent Editors' teleconference call), for a term that has been defined in subclause 3.4 (Abbreviation), do we need to define the abbreviation again on the first use in each major clause?


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