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[STDS-802-11-TGAX] missing TGax documents

Now that TGax is completed,
I need to know if any of the following documents were presented and still need to be posted.
If you are an author, would you please let me know which numbers to delete.

IEEE Standards Association - Documents
01-Oct-2020 ET
202015594TGaxCapability Indication for HE SM Power savePo-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
01-Oct-2020 ET
202015593TGaxCapability Indication for HE SM Power savePo-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
03-Jun-2020 ET
20208560TGaxSA Ballot CR for FTM relatedJonathan Segev (Intel corporation)Pending
12-Nov-2019 ET
201920380TGaxLB 244 CR - CIDs 22413 and 22414Osama Aboul-Magd (Huawei Technologies)Pending
11-Nov-2019 ET
201920310TGaxd5.0 MAC miscellaneous cidsLiwen Chu (Marvell)Pending
11-Nov-2019 ET
201920060TGaxD5.0 TX Spectral Mask CRYouhan Kim (Qualcomm)Pending
06-Nov-2019 ET
201919150TGaxResolution for CIDs related to UORAAbhishek Patil (Qualcomm)Pending
17-Sep-2019 ET
201916560TGaxRemaining CIDs on PHY IntroductionSameer Vermani (Qualcomm)Pending
01-Aug-2019 ET
201913890TGaxElement order in nontransmitted BSSID profilePo-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
14-Jul-2019 ET
201912580TGaxLB 238 Annex G Comment ResolutionOsama Aboul-Magd (Huawei Technologies)Pending
12-Jul-2019 ET
201912350TGaxlb238-cr-subclause-26-15-7Yongho Seok (MediaTek)Pending
12-Jul-2019 ET
201912270TGaxD4.0 Comment Resolution - Part 5Youhan Kim (Qualcomm)Pending
03-Jul-2019 ET
201911210TGaxCR for 21547Po-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
03-Jul-2019 ET
201911190TGaxCR for 20855Po-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
13-May-2019 ET
20198670TGaxPHY_CR_TxRxProcedureXiaogang Chen (Intel)Pending
25-Mar-2019 ET
20195600TGaxMAC-CR-Baseline PSAlfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm Inc.)Pending
11-Mar-2019 ET
20194350TGaxcomment resolution of duplicate beaconLiwen Chu (Marvell)Pending
15-Jan-2019 ET
20191670TGaxCID 1644 discussionGuoqing (Apple)Pending
13-Jan-2019 ET
20191020TGaxCID 15830laurent cariou (Intel)Pending
13-Jan-2019 ET
20191010TGax6GHz - discovery 2laurent cariou (Intel)Pending
30-Oct-2018 ET
201818160TGaxCID 16668Abhishek Patil (Qualcomm)Pending
15-Oct-2018 ET
201817670TGaxCR-PHY-MiscellaneousLochan Verma (Qualcomm)Pending
14-Oct-2018 ET
201817620TGaxCR-PHY-IntroductionLochan Verma (Qualcomm)Pending
04-Sep-2018 ET
201815030TGaxlb233-cr-tua-access-delayYongho Seok (MediaTek)Pending
03-Sep-2018 ET
201814880TGaxd3-0-comment-resolution- Chu (Marvell)Pending
30-Jul-2018 ET
201813630TGaxCR for CID 16597Po-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
09-Jul-2018 ET
201812280TGaxCR for 6GHz - Policylaurent cariou (Intel)Pending
09-Jul-2018 ET
201812260TGaxCR for 6 GHz - Discoverylaurent cariou (Intel)Pending
07-May-2018 ET
20189220TGax802.11ax spatial reuse ad hoc minuteslaurent cariou (Intel)Pending
05-May-2018 ET
20188690TGaxCR on remaining CIDs for BSRKiseon Ryu (LG Electronics)Pending
01-May-2018 ET
20187980TGax11ax D2.0 Comment Resolution Chu (Marvell)Pending
28-Feb-2018 ET
20184450TGaxACK non QoS data frame in TB PPDUZhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)Pending
26-Feb-2018 ET
20183890TGaxPendingGraham Smith (SR Technologies)Pending
15-Jan-2018 ET
20181870TGaxTx EVM for Beamformed TransmissionBin Tian (Qualcomm)Pending
14-Jan-2018 ET
20181800TGaxCR on BSS Load Information in subclause 9.4.2Ming Gan (Huawei)Pending
09-Jan-2018 ET
2018880TGaxCR CID 14349Zhou Lan (Broadcom Ltd.)Pending
09-Jan-2018 ET
2018820TGaxLB230 CR for BSS Load SlidesFrank Hsu (MediaTek Inc.)Pending
09-Jan-2018 ET
2018770TGaxD2.0 comment resolution 27.4.2Liwen Chu (Marvell)Pending
02-Jan-2018 ET
2018300TGaxER-DL-protection-sequenceMatthew Fischer (Broadcom LTD)Pending
18-Dec-2017 ET
201718870TGax11ax D2.0 Comment Resolution Chu (Marvell)Pending
13-Dec-2017 ET
201718770TGaxCR for NAV Part IPo-Kai Huang (Intel)Pending
06-Nov-2017 ET
201717220TGaxhello - Contact WG11 Vice Chair to correctHarry Bims (TBD)Pending
06-Nov-2017 ET
201717160TGaxEnabling Frame Body Capture EffectEvgeny Khorov (IITP RAS)Pending
13-Sep-2017 ET
201714990TGaxSeptember 2017 Hawaii PHY Ad Hoc Meeting MinutesJianhan Liu (Mediatek Inc.)Pending
11-Sep-2017 ET
201714640TGaxProposed Text Change for Subclause 27.4.1Ming Gan (Huawei)Pending
06-Sep-2017 ET
201713790TGaxcr-4808-revisitRoss Jian Yu (Huawei Technologies)Pending
06-Sep-2017 ET
201713650TGaxCIDs on Subclause 27.3.3 Part 3Ming Gan (Huawei)Pending
06-Sep-2017 ET
201713640TGaxCIDs on Subclause 27.3.3 Part 3Ming Gan (Huawei)Pending
03-Mar-2017 ET
20173180TGaxCRs on Rx SpecificationBin Tian (Qualcomm)Pending
11-Jan-2015 ET
2015710TGaxMAC calibration test 4 resultsYanchun Li (Huawei)Pending
07-Jan-2015 ET
2015290TGaxDiscussion on integrated UL/DL MU-MIMOTae-Yoon Kim (Korea University)Pending
02-Jan-2015 ET
2015100TGaxdraft for integrated UL DL MU MIMO Frame FormatTae-Yoon Kim(Korea University)Pending
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