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[STDS-802-11-TGBA] Missing TGba Documents

Greetings TGba members,
Now that TGba is completed,
I need to know if any of the following documents were presented and still need to be posted.
If you are an author, would you please let me know which numbers to delete.

IEEE Standards Association - Documents
Created (ET)YearDCNRevGroupTitleAuthor (Affiliation)Uploaded (ET)Actions
22-Dec-2020 ET
202019800TGbaSA3 Comments on TGba/D8.0Po-Kai Huang (Intel)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
29-Oct-2019 ET
201918070TGbaCR for Miscellaneous CIDsPo-Kai Huang (Intel)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
12-Aug-2019 ET
201914320TGbaMAC-CR-Previous invalid commentsAlfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm Inc.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
26-Jun-2019 ET
201910480TGbaWUR Beacon and SynchronizationPo-Kai Huang (Intel)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
01-Apr-2019 ET
20195920TGbaMAC-CR-Frame Control_p2Alfred Asterjadhi (Qualcomm Inc.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
10-Mar-2019 ET
20194000TGbaComment resolution for Subclause Lv (ZTE Corp.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
08-Nov-2018 ET
201819050TGbaComment Resolution for Embedded ESSIDTaewon Song (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
07-Nov-2018 ET
201818850TGbaComment Resolution for Active Scanning AnnouncementTaewon Song (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
07-Nov-2018 ET
201818840TGbaComment Resolution for Neighbor Report elementTaewon Song (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
07-Jul-2018 ET
201812080TGbaTBD in sec 31.10Guoqing Li (Apple)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
01-Jul-2018 ET
201811220TGbaDuty Cycle signalingSuhwook Kim(LG)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
04-May-2018 ET
20188380TGbaSpec text for WUR Beacon transmissionSuhwook Kim (LG)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
03-May-2018 ET
20188280TGbaDraft text for WUR Null frameTaewon Song (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
28-Feb-2018 ET
20184390TGbaTBD clarification for TGba D0.1 (WUR Duty cycle)Suhwook Kim (LG)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
18-Jan-2018 ET
20182520TGbaMotion textKiseon Ryu (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
18-Jan-2018 ET
20182500TGbaMotion on proposed text for WUR beacon generation and counterMing Gan (Huawei)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
10-Jan-2018 ET
20181320TGbaWUR Discovery Frame for Smart ScanningTaewon Song (LG Electronics)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
10-Jan-2018 ET
20181170TGbaDelayed wake up procedureKaiying Lv (ZTE Corp.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
10-Jan-2018 ET
20181160TGbaThe Indication Schemes for Simple MultiplexingKaiying Lv (ZTE Corp.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
10-Jan-2018 ET
20181150TGbaWake up procedure for tracking STAsKaiying Lv (ZTE Corp.)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
05-Nov-2017 ET
201716970TGbaPower save scheme with fast medium syncMing Gan (Huawei)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
31-Oct-2017 ET
201716290TGbaWUR Frame AuthenticationPo-Kai Huang (Intel)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
31-Oct-2017 ET
201716280TGbaOperation after Unicast Wake-up Frame TransmissionPo-Kai Huang (Intel)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
13-Mar-2017 ET
20174390TGbaBSS management through WUR wakeup frameLiwen Chu (Marvell)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
13-Mar-2017 ET
20174380TGbaBSS management through WUR wakeup frameLiwen Chu (Marvell)PendingUpload, Correct, Delete
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