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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Joint TGBE/TSN session: Agenda

Hello all,

Please find below the agenda for the TGBE/TSN session that is scheduled for Tuesday EVE:
- Joint meeting with IEEE 802.1 TSN
- Call meeting to order
- IEEE-SA IPR policy and Procedure
- Introduction
- Useful Reads
- Presentation of submissions
    1) IEEE 802.1 TSN - An introduction (Janos Farkas) [25mins]
    2) TSN-802.11 (Norman Finn) [25mins]
    3) TSN support in 802.11 and potential areas for TGbe (Dave Cavalcanti) [25mins]
    4) Multiple channel transmissions for increased reliability (Antonio De La Oliva Delgado) [15mins]
- Next Steps
- Recess
We would like to thank the contributors for their submissions and since some contributions are coming from members that may not be familiar with the process please find below some guidelines:
- Obtain a document number from the TGbe mentor website:
- Prepare the presentation using the 802.11 ppt template:
- Upload the presentation to the server by 14th of July 2019 (EOD GMT).

Best Regards,


Best Regards,


On Tue, Jun 18, 2019 at 4:55 PM Alfred Asterjadhi <asterjadhi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello all,

We have a joint session with IEEE802.1 TSN members scheduled during the July Vienna meeting. 

In order to facilitate the discussions and organize the agenda i would like to ask for contributions around this topic:
- 802.11be: Goals, requirements and use cases that can benefit from time sensitive networking (TSN) functionalities.

Since we have only two hours and there might be contributions from TSN members as well, the plan is to gather a list of contributions (title is sufficient at this stage) by next Wednesday and, after coordinating with the TSN Chair (in cc), ask the volunteers to prepare the contributions (content developed at this stage). If the number of contributions exceeds the allocated time I may ask the volunteers to work together on common presentations so that we fit in the allocated session time. 

Please send a request with the Title of the presentation as a response to this e-mail by Wednesday 26th of June 2019 (23:59 ET).

In addition please take a look at the information below which is a very useful read in preparation for the session:
  1. Overview of IEEE802.1 TSN and IETF DetNet
  2. Time Sensitive Networking Standards
  3. DetNet - TSN Workshop

Best Regards,

Alfred Asterjadhi

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