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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] TGbe Teleconference [09/12/2019]: Updated Agenda

 Hello all, 

This is a reminder that we have the seventh conference call of the series scheduled for tomorrow Thursday (September 12th) between 19:30 - 22:00 ET.

The updated teleconferences agenda is posted below:

Below is a list of the contributions that are expected to be presented (in green) and contributions that are in the back up queue (in yellow), i.e., that may be discussed if there is time.
If your name appears in the list please make sure to attend the meeting and that your contribution is uploaded to the IEEE mentor server. If you cannot attend the conf call please send a notification prior to the conference call. 
In addition, please note that for each contribution i have noted the number of SPs I found (or was notified) for each document. 
If you do plan to run a SP please send a notification asap so that we can plan accordingly (need to setup an e-poll etc, details to follow in a separate e-mail if necessary).

o   1159r0–Multilink operation capability announcement (Liwen Chu)

o   1038r1–HARQ with A-MPDU (Shimi Shilo)

o   1078r0–HARQ Simulation Results (S. Shellhammer)

o   1079r0–HARQ Gains with Overhead Considered (S. Shellhammer)

o   1098r0–Acknowledgement for HARQ transmission (Ming Gan)

o   1131r0–Consideration on HARQ unit (Taewon Song)

o   1132r0–Channel coding issue in HARQ (Jinmin Kim)

o   1080r0–HARQ Complexity (S. Shellhammer)

o   1133r0–Some results on HARQ perf. in dense deployments (Leif Wilhelmsson)

o   1146r0 HARQ punctured CC performance evaluation (Yanyi DING)

PS: The teleconference call will be chaired by Laurent (TGbe vice chair) since I will be travelling at that time. 

Teleconferences are bound by the conditions stipulated by the documentation below. Please review them and bring up any questions/concerns you may have before proceeding with the teleconference


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To join the meeting:

Conference ID: 808-571-868

Best Regards,


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