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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Discussion on 11-21/1855: P2P Support in Restricted TWT: Use Cases and Signaling Design

Hi all,

I have posted 11-21-1855-00-00be-p2p-support-in-restricted-twt-use-cases-and-signaling-design-discussion to Mentor. This slide deck is intended to continue discussion on p2p support in rTWT by providing some examples and clarifications as requested.

Resolution of several p2p related CIDs was proposed in 21/1224 but was deferred to allow further discussion. Key comments that we received during the presentation and offline are as follows: 

  • Clarify with examples of use-case and signaling 
  • Clarify distinction between Recommendation Values 4 and 5 
  • MU RTS TXS Trigger scheduling provisions for p2p need further clarification; also specify both AP and STA support the feature.

1855 presents an example use-case scenario and also examples of how the proposed signaling may be used. We have also suggested spec text to specify that for MU RTS TXS Trigger scheduling, both AP and STA need to support Triggered TXOP Sharing.

Please let me know further comments in this thread and hope we can work together to converge on this topic.


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