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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Call for PoCs for CIDs 5573 and 6106

Hi all,

The current PoC would like to transfer the following 2 CIDs, 5573 and 6106, to appropriate SME to resolve the comments.  Please let me know who would like to volunteer.


CIDPageClauseCommentProposed Change
557342.313.2The definition of "extremely high throughput (EHT) basic service set (BSS)" uninformative and very indirect because it is based on presence of EHT Operation element in a Beacon. In section it says that this element is present if dot11EHTOptionImplemented is true. THe MIB detail in section C.3 says that dot11EHTOptionImplemented indicates whether the entity is EHT capable. Then Section 4.3.15.c says that an EHT STA supports features defined in Clauses 35 and 36. It takes a lot of digging to understand the definition.Simplify and enhance understandability of defintion as: "A BSS hosted by a device that supports the MAC features defined in Clause 35 and the PHY features definced in Clause 36."

CIDPageClauseCommentProposed Change
610641.213.2Saying "reception _and_ transmission" implies that both are required, and required on more than one link at a time. That would be STR, not just multi-radio. Also missing a preposition.Change multi-radio non-AP MLD definiton to read, "...supports reception or transmission of frames ..."

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