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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] 11-21/1111 further discussion



Here is some status update, and request for ongoing discussion on the architecture presentation from this morning (document 11-21/1111):

  • I removed the word “physical” from “physical links” in the text
  • I corrected the typo “the use of
  • In Figure 4-30c, I am renaming “MLD lower MAC sublayer (MLD and legacy)” to just “MLD lower MAC sublayer”.  This removes the “legacy” as correctly pointed on the call.  However, this leaves the “MLD lower MAC sublayer” as the term for the shared component which is doing both MLD support and affiliated AP support.  I note that this term is already in many locations in the draft, in clauses 4 and 5, so I proposed to keep it in the new figures to remain aligned.  If there is concern with this use of the term, that can be a comment (on all the occurrences), on the next LB.  Any disagreement?
  • I am taking the suggestions in the chat, and proposing to change the “Block Ack Scoreboarding” boxes in the figures, as follows:
    • For the upper MAC, in the MLD, it will say “ML BA Scoreboarding”
    • For the lower MAC, it will say “Partial BA Scoreboarding”
    • For the upper MAC, in the affiliated AP, it seems this is an implementation choice (is that right?), so how about “BA Scoreboarding (optional)”?
    • There was a request to add some clarification about these Scoreboarding blocks to the text.  I suggest that would go just below Figure 5-2b, and I’ll work on that and remit shortlySuggestions/contributions would be helpful!
  • For PS Defer buffering:
    • I think the conclusion/agreement on the call was that this is correct to be in the upper MAC (and above the SN assignment).  Any disagreement?
    • Clearly, the label in the affiliated AP that says “AP MLD only” is just wrong.  However, my latest understanding of how frame generation and routing needs to happen resulted in frames (such as Management frames, and group addressed Data frames) will need to be routed from the MLD upper MAC over to the affiliated upper MAC for SN/PN assignment and encryption, so the buffering for these frames needs to be merged with the buffering for “legacy” data frames, and it all needs to happen high in the affiliated AP stack.  If this is agreed, then we need this block (in that location) in the affiliated AP upper MAC.  I think that means just removing the “(AP MLD only)” text in all copies of this block, in the affiliated AP and the AP MLD.  Agreed?
    • There was a request to add some more text to better clarify this PS Defer buffering.  I think that goes just below Figure 5-2b, and I’ll work on that and remit shortly.
  • Figure 5-2b should be clarified with labels for the AP MLD and affiliated APs.  The figure is already too complicated, so I do not want to add the outlines shapes, like Figure 4-30c.  I suggest maybe just braces across the top of the figure, saying “Affiliated AP” and “AP MLD”?  That is slightly misleading in that it is really only correct for the upper MAC sublayers, but would imply it carries into the lower MAC, also.  But, I think it’s the best alternative.  Comments or other thoughts?


Thanks.  Mark

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