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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Discussion on 802.11-22/1535r1-P2P Comm. with EMLSR Peer in Triggered TXOP Sharing

Hi, All


I would like to initiate discussion on P2P communication with EMLSR P2P Peer.

Thank you, Minyoung, Morteza, Pascal and Yong for the feedback during the presentation yesterday.

I would like to continue discussion with members interested in this issue. 

Summary of the yesterdays discussion is as follows.

[Minyoung] EMLSR P2P peer can operate in normal mode(not EMLSR mode) during the triggered TXOP sharing period since P2P communication is pre-scheduled. Because P2P communication operation is decoupled from a infrastructure operation, we dont need to worry about infrastructure mode during P2P communication operation.

[Morteza] Peer STAs need to exchange control frames for EMLSR parameters such as transition delay.

[Pascal]  AP can take an action for this case

[Option 1] AP assisted mode change


[Option 2] New TXS mode (STA2 overhears MU-RTS TXS mode 3)


[Option 3] Allow a P2P sender to transmit ICF (same procedure in R1)


[Yong]  AP can also transmit Data to STA2 at the same time.


Best Regards,

Ronny Yongho Kim


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