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[STDS-802-11-TGBE] Initial version of the comment spreadsheet on LB280 posted (23/2208r0)

Dear Alfred and all,

Initial version of the comment spreadsheet on LB280 is available for you to download:

Of particular note is that it is the plain version that I have not yet to categorize each of the comments to either PHY, MAC, or JOINT.


On Mon, Dec 18, 2023 at 1:05 PM Dorothy Stanley <dstanley1389@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group Reflector ---
Dear 802.11 members,

LB280, the second recirculation ballot on P802.11be D5.0 has closed.
The ballot passed with an approval rate of 94.98%. The ballot details are below.
195 comments were received.

Congratulations to the WG on this result. Let me know of any questions.

Please note that "Abstain - Lack of time" is NOT a valid response. As announced in every 802.11 opening plenary meeting, ONLY "Abstain - Lack of expertise" is valid. This is an 802 rule. 
Because the epoll tool is used for more than just IEEE 802, the tool allows more abstain reasons to be selected.

Thank you,


P802.11be Ballot Series LB280

Approve 397 364 302

Disapprove 21 40 76

Abstain - Lack of expertise 5 4 6

Invalid 0 0 1
Invalid - disapprove w/o comment
Abstain - Lack of time 0 4 3
Invalid abstain
Abstain - Other 0 0 0
Invalid abstain

Approval percentage (>75%) 94.98% 90.10% 79.89%    
Disapproval percentage 5.02% 9.90% 20.11%

Abstain percentage (<30%) 1.02% 0.81% 1.22%    
Pool = Voters - Ex-officio 491 491 491

Return rate (>50%) 86.15% 83.91% 79.02%    

Ballot duration (days) 15
20 30

Ballot open 1-Dec-23 24-Jul-23 30-Jan-23

Ballot close 16-Dec-23 13-Aug-23 2-Mar-23

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