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[STDS-802-11-TGBH] TGbi experts/interested parties invited to TGbh call on Thursday



As you know, in today’s TGbh meeting a major topic of discussion was the scope of TGbh and the scope of TGbi, and the relationship between the groups.


There was a general consensus that as a near-term step in making sure the task groups stay coordinated, we plan some upcoming joint meetings to review contributions that might overlap both groups’ scope.  Our first opportunity for such a joint call is on an upcoming teleconference, following the interim session.  As TGbh chair, I’ll work with the TGbi chair (Carol Ansley) to organize such a call (or two? – input is welcome on how many/when).


In the meantime, TGbh would like to welcome (strongly encourage) any TGbi interested members to attend the TGbh meeting tomorrow at 13:30-15:30 ET / 17:30-19:30 UTC (when there are no other 802.11 meetings in conflict! 😊).  My intention is to review where TGbh is in defining our “requirements” and push toward conclusion of that discussion.  Those requirements will imply the scope of the solutions we will consider in TGbh, and could be very helpful identifying where/if we have overlap with solutions TGbi might consider.


Anyone with ideas they have/are planning to present to TGbi are encouraged to help us with our TGbh discussion.


Thanks.   Mark (TGbh chair)

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