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[STDS-802-11] Announcement of process change to enable TG/SG/SC teleconference motions until face-to-face meetings resume

--- This message came from the IEEE 802.11 Working Group Reflector ---
Dear D802.11 members,

The current rules regarding voting on teleconferences for 802.11 Working Group subgroups are as follows:

a)       There is no prohibition to Task Group or other WG11 subgroup teleconference motions in the IEEE 802 LMSC level policy documents.
       In our 802.11 WG P&P (see 3.11 in ), Task Group motions are taken during an 802.11 session, and all 802.11 voters present at the meeting constitute the allowed voters.
       Motions on teleconferences except under the accelerated process are prohibited, see 8.2 in 11-14-629r22:
“WG (and subgroup) teleconferences are not permitted to make formal motions, with the exception of when a TG is operating under the accelerated process and when it is a sponsor ballot comment resolution committee (CRC).”
d)      The WG chair can decide questions of process, with WG ability to overrule.

Announcement of Rules Change:
To enable the timely and efficient progress of work during the exceptional circumstance of cancelled plenary and interim sessions: Effective immediately,
The following process change is in effect for the duration of time until WG11 is able to hold face-to-face meetings:

(a)     “Task Group (TG), Study Group (SG) and Standing Committee (SC) motions may be held during teleconference meetings.

(b)     TG/SG/SC teleconference meetings that will consider motions shall be approved by the WG Chair, and if approved, meetings and draft motions announced to the TG and WG11 reflectors 10 days prior to the meeting.

(c)     If a motion is not approved by unanimous consent, it shall be taken as a roll call [recorded] vote.

This change is NOT applicable to a TG operating under the accelerated process or as an IEEE-SA Ballot Comment Resolution Committee.


As a default, TG/SG/SC teleconferences during which motions are held will be scheduled at or near 9am Eastern (6AM Pacific, 2PM London, 9PM Beijing, 6:30PM Delhi). The goal being that teleconferences in which motions are held are not 11pm-6am for the majority of members.

Please let me know of any comments or questions.

Thank you, hope that all are well -


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