Working Group Members

Below is a list of 802.11 members. The information here is updated after each 802.11 session and on completion of a working group letter ballot series.

A members' status is one of the following:

The member has qualifying attendance at one session.
The member has qualifying attendance at two sessions (at least one of which is a plenary session). The member can vote at the next plenary session and will become a Voter with attendance at that plenary session.
The member can vote.
The member is a voter by virtue of their membership of the IEEE 802 executive committee.

Members summary

Aspirant Potential Voter Voter ExOfficio

Members list

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Family Name Given Name MI Affiliation Status

Updating your affiliation

Your affiliation is recorded in the IEEE myProject system. The affiliation shown here is updated when group membership updates are made following a session or on completion of a working group ballot series (events that affect membership).

To enter affiliation initially:

To modify your affiliation in a committee that you already enrolled in:

Updating your employer

There is no specific requirement in the IEEE-SA policies and procedures to disclose your employer.

Employer is asked for once in myProject.

To view or update your employer: