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IEEE 802.15 Assigned Numbers Authority
SOURCE: IEEE 802.15 Working Group Operations Manual

13    IEEE 802.15 WG Assigned Numbers Authority

The objective of the Assigned Numbers Authority (ANA) is to conserve and allocate identifier values in the IEEE 802.15 standards and approved amendments. Such identifiers are called Managed Resources.

13.1    WG ANA Lead
The WG ANA Lead shall be appointed by the WG Chair.  The WG ANA Lead shall be responsible for approving and maintaining a central repository of Managed Resource values in a document as defined in subclause 13.4. 

13.2    ANA Document
A document containing the Managed Resource values (15-13-0257) shall be made available on the server during Interim Sessions and Plenary Sessions and posted on the IEEE 802.15 WG website.  Any updates shall be posted on the IEEE 802.15 WG website within 15 days following the close of the 802.15 WG Interim Session or Plenary Session.

13.3    ANA Request Procedure
A request for a Managed Resource for new identifier values shall be made by using the following procedure:
1)     A draft amendment or standard that has been approved by the WG or a TG and that requires allocation of values from the ANA shall contain placeholders for such numbers using the sequence <ANA>, and should not presume any particular value will be assigned.

2)    The TG chair or technical editor shall prepare requests for each such <ANA> flag using the forms provided by the ANA and documented in the ANA database document.

3)    The ANA shall circulate the requests and tentative assignments to the 802.15 editor's reflector and ask TG editors to check for any conflict.  Typically the requests are generated following a session.  The ANA should respond to the request within one week.  The ANA shall reject any request that is not properly formed, i.e., does not supply all information required by the ANA form.  The last item of any resource will never be assigned and will always automatically be designated as escape bit/number.

4)    After a period of 1 week has elapsed and no conflict has been reported, the assignments are confirmed and the ANA shall upload an updated database document and notify the WG reflector.

13.3.1    ANA Revocation Procedure
The TG that has previously requested a Managed Resource may request revocation of that Managed Resource value, however the request must be approved by a motion in the TG or WG.

13.3.2    ANA Appeals Procedure
An appeal of an assignment of a Managed Resource value may be made by a Voter by following the appeal procedure described in the WG P&P [rules5].

13.4    ANA Request Procedure for external organizations

A limited number of numbers may be assigned to allow external organizations (i.e. non 802.15 groups) to extend the use of IEEE 802.15.
Only the following categories of IDs may be assigned for IEEE Std 802.15.4
1.    Frame Extension ID
2.    Header Information Element (IE) Element ID
3.    Payload IE Group ID
4.    Nested IE of type short Sub-ID
5.    Nested IE of type long Sub-ID

Only the following categories of IDs may be assigned for IEEE 802.15.9:
1.    Multiplex ID

Only one number shall be assigned to an external organization (e.g an SDO or an open alliance/consortium) from an ID category.  The external organization is responsible to create a method for sub-typing that would prevent the need for an additional ID.
To request an ID, the external organization shall send an official request to the IEEE 802.15 WG Chair that includes, at a minimum, the following information:
1.    The name of the external organization and its accreditation
2.    The reason for the request
3.    The ID categories that are requested
4.    A description of the protocol format that shows that there is sufficient subtype capability withstand  enhancement by the originator without the need for the assignment of a further ID in the future.
5.    A statement that the external organization understands that only one ID number will be issued to the external organization in an ID category and that the external organization is responsible to create a method for sub-typing the ID to prevent the need for additional requests in the future.
If the request from the SDO contains the required information, the IEEE 802.15 WG Chair shall appoint a committee of experts to review the request.  The WG ANA lead shall be the Chair of the committee and the WG 802.15 Chair is an ex-officio member. The committee should decide on the request within three months of the request. This is to allow the consideration of the request at an interim or plenary session.
The committee shall refuse the request if:
1.    The external organization is not an accredited SDO or an open alliance/consortium.
2.    The external organization has already been assigned a number in a requested ID category.
3.    The external organization has not adequately described a subtyping method to prevent the need for the external organization request a further ID in the future.
4.    There is a technical reason why a number cannot be allocated.
If the committee approves the request, the WG ANA lead will assign a number for the requested ID categories and update the ANA database document.  The assignment of the number should also be submitted for inclusion in the next revision of the standard.

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