15.7 Maintenance: Short-Range Optical Wireless

Communications Task Group (TG 7m)



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IEEE 802.15 has formed a Task Group to write a revision to IEEE 802.15.7-2011 that accommodates infrared and near ultraviolet wavelengths, in addition to visible light, and adds options such as:

Optical Camera Communications which enables scalable data rate, positioning/localization, and message broadcasting, etc. using devices such as the flash, display and image sensor as the transmitting and receiving devices (defined here).

LED-ID which is wireless light ID (Identification) system using various LEDs (defined here).


Current Status

The IEEE P802.15.7m Short-Range Optical Wireless Communications Task Group Project Authorization Request (PAR) was approved in December 2014 and can be viewed here. The Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) can be viewed here. The first meeting of the task group took place in January 2015.

How to participate

IEEE P802.15.7m meets six times per year (every two months) and information regarding these meetings can be found here.

Schedule Estimates


IEEE P802.15.7m is expecting finalization of the standard near the end of 2018.



The standards process is contribution driven and relevant documents are always welcomed. Document submittal is simple by using the standard IEEE 802.15 approved templates available here.


Please obtain a valid document number and upload your contribution to the document server here.


Please note that submission of copyrighted, confidential or proprietary material is prohibited. Double check for "Confidential" or "Proprietary" boilerplate before you push the "upload" button! 

Who to contact with questions

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

If you would like to contact the IEEE 802.15 Webmaster, email to
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