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Letter Ballot #52 for WPANTM IEEE P802.15.4-2006 Corrigendum

IEEE 802.15 Letter Ballot #52 is a vote to submit the contents of document
IEEE P802.15.4-2006_Cor1/D1 [d1P802-15-4-2006_Cor1.pdf] to Sponsor Ballot.


OPENING OF BALLOT: Saturday, April 3, 2010
CLOSING OF BALLOT: Thursday, May 13, 2010, at 23:00 hours local time




  • April 3, 2010 Letter Ballot Voters Pool #52

  • IEEE 802.15 Voting members have an obligation to vote. Not returning two valid letter ballots in a sequence of three letter ballots will automatically terminate voting rights.

  • "No" votes require the submission of detailed comments as defined in the IEEE rules for Sponsor Ballots to be counted as valid.  Abstentions are only counted as valid if they are based on "lack of expertise".



Please read and follow these step by step instructions to complete and submit your vote on IEEE P802.15 Letter Ballot 52. 

  1. Download and read a copy of the IEEE P802.15.4-2006_Cor1 Draft D1 and related support files.


    Support File(s)

  1. Understand your Voting Options



    ___ DO NOT APPROVE (At least 1 Technical Required COMMENT must be submitted.)

    ___ ABSTAIN, Reason:__________________________________________________

  2. Understand how to classify your comments as Editorial (E), or Technical (T).

(E) Editorial comments reflect recommended changes in the text or content of the Standard. The voter does not require the recommended changes be implemented or resolved to the satisfaction of the voter  to approve the Draft.

(T) Technical comments reflect recommended changes in the text which affect the functionality and/or intent of the Standard. The voter requires the recommended changes be implemented or resolved to the satisfaction of the voter  to approve the Draft.

  1. Voting Method

    1. If you have comments to submit, download  P802-15-4h_Comment_Entry_Form and enter your comments. Please be sure to fill in ALL columns.

  2. Submit Your Vote by Email

    1. You MUST submit the following information in the body of your email or your ballot will be considered invalid.

    1. AFFILIATION; you MUST declare your affiliation, in the body of the email and include the statement: "I am affiliated with [name of affiliation]" or the statement "I am not affiliated with any organization"

    2. VOTE; YES, NO or ABSTAIN due to lack of expertise, (e.g., "I vote YES.")

    3. COMMENTS; If you vote NO,  you MUST submit at least 1 Technical COMMENT.

      1. Attach your completed P802-15-4h_Comment_Entry_Form file to your email ballot.

    1. Email your vote. Resend if not acknowledged within 2 business days. You will not get an acknowledgement, nor will your vote be counted, if you did not include an affiliation statement and/or did not correctly complete the subject field. Please double check what you sent to ensure both were done according to instructions or your vote will continue to be ignored.



              Subject: LB52-familyName-givenName-yourVote

                     Do not leave any spaces, use a "-"

                     example: LB52-HEILE-ROBERT-YES


  3. If you have any questions on how to submit your ballot, please contact Rick Alfvin at:

IEEE P802.15.4 Corrigendum PAR


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