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The IEEE 802.15 Standing Committee Terahertz  is chartered to explore the feasibility of Terahertz for wireless communications. The Terahertz frequency band runs roughly from 300 GHz to 3 THz, a staggering 2700 GHz of bandwidth.  The Terahertz frequency range has traditionally been considered the RF "no man's land", being too high to be considered RF but too low to be considered light.  But with on-going advances in semiconductor processes we are seeing the emergence of transistors with Ft high enough to start servicing the low end of the THz band (300 GHz to 600 GHz). This is still an impressive 300 GHz of bandwidth providing a vision of wireless data rates of 100 Gbit/s and beyond. Numerous research groups all over the world have initiated research activities in this emerging field. In 2017 IEEE std. 802 has published IEEE 802.15.3d-2017 as the first wireless standard for 300 GHz for fixed point-point links.


Apart from the implementation aspects of THz Communications there are important regulatory aspects to be considered. For example the allocation of THz spectrum for passive services, amongst others, are topics of the THz standing committee. 


Current Status


The IEEE 802.15 Standing Committee Terahertz  is soliciting, and hearing, contributions that address numerous THz issues.  There are no immediate plans to transition the group to a study group or a task group; rather, we want to fully understand the technology status in regards to a further amendment of IEEE Stdf. 820.15.3 or a completely new standard.


How to participate

  • Participate by attending our Meetings.
  • IEEE 802.15 Standing Committee Terahertz conducts their discussions on the 802.15.thz Public Mailing List.  You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.




A good overview about the state-of-the-art in THz communications is provided in the archive of documents presented in IEEE 802.15 SC THz


Who to contact with questions

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.

If you would like to contact the IEEE 802.15 Webmaster, email to
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