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The role of IEEE 802.15 NAN Study Group is to define a project to provide a global standard that facilitates very large scale process control applications such as the utility smart-grid network (e.g., Wireless Neighborhood Area Networking) capable of supporting large, geographically diverse networks with minimal infrastructure, with potentially millions of fixed endpoints.

Current Status

During the September Interim meeting IEEE 802.15 Study Group NAN created the Project Approval Request (PAR) and 5 Criteria document (5C) defining the scope of the project for the Task Group. The 802.15 Working Group has recently completed a Letter Ballot to seek EC approval to authorize forwarding the content of the WNAN PAR and 5C to Nescom.  The Letter Ballot motion passed.

How to participate

  • Study Group NAN currently requires a secretary.  If you wish to volunteer for this position, or require further information, please contact Phil Beecher or Paul Dixon.
  • Participate by attending our Meetings.
  • Study Group NAN conducts their discussions on the 802.15 NAN Private Mailing List.  You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.


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