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The IEEE 802.15.13 Multi-Gigabit/s Optical Wireless Communications Task Group defines a Physical (PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC) layer using light wavelengths from 10,000 nm to 190 nm in optically transparent media for optical wireless communications. The standard is capable of delivering data rates up to 10 Gbit/s at distances in the range of 200 meters unrestricted line of sight. It is designed for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications in both non-coordinated and coordinated topologies. For coordinated topologies with more than one peer coordinator there will be a master coordinator. The standard includes adaptation to varying channel conditions and maintaining connectivity while moving within the range of a single coordinator or moving between coordinators. TG13 continued work concerning High-rate photodiode communications (also denoted as Li-Fi) done previously in TG7m, which focussed on optical camara communications (OCC). Work on LiFi was continued in 802.15.13 since March 2017. The first draft of TG13 was finished end of 2019. During 2020, the 802.15 working group letter ballot was conducted. The standard will be completed during 2021.


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