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The IEEE 802.15 Coexistence Task Group 2 (TG2) for Wireless Personal Area Networks developed a Recommended Practices to facilitate coexistence of Wireless Personal Area Networks™ (802.15) and Wireless Local Area Networks (802.11). The Task Group developed a Coexistence Model to quantify the mutual interference of a WLAN and a WPAN™. The Task Group also developed a set of Coexistence Mechanisms to facilitate coexistence of WLAN and WPAN™ devices.

IEEE 802.15.2-2003 IEEE Recommended Practice for Telecommunications and Information exchange between systems – Local and metropolitan area networks Specific Requirements - Part 15.2: Coexistence of Wireless Personal Area Networks with Other Wireless Devices Operating in Unlicensed Frequency Band

The task group is now in hibernation until further notice.

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