Call For Applications

RELEASE DATE: December 11, 2001

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Due January 21, 2002

CFA Contributions

  1. "CFA Response: Higher Rates for Video", Mary DuVal, Texas Instruments, in MS PPT (1044KB) -02/047r0
  2. "SG3a CFA response", Pierre Gandolfo, XtremeSpectrum, in MS PPT (2154KB)  -02/031r0
  3. "CE Requirements for Alternative PHY CFA", Masa Akahane, Bob Huang, Shige Sugaya, Kaz Takamura, Sony, in MS PPT (1888KB)  -02/043r0
  4. "SG3a CFA response -- Wireless Peripherals", Chuck Brabenac, Intel, in MS PPT (10,261KB)  -02/139r0
  5. "Response to CFA - ULTRAWAVES", Domenico Porcino, Philips and Gadi Shor, Wisair, in MS PPT (1888KB)  -02/119r0
  6. "SG3a Application and Systems Requirements", James D. Allen, Appairent Technologies and Mark E. Schrader, Eastman Kodak Co., in MS PPT (73KB)  -02/102r0
  7. "Dense User Environments", Jim Meyer, Time Domain Corporation, in MS PPT (735KB)  -02/137r1
  8. "Application Opportunities for High Rate WPANs", Roberto Aiello, Jason Ellis, Larry Taylor, General Atomics, in MS PPT (1872KB)  -02/143r0

CFA Response Summary

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