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The IEEE 802.15 Part 15.3 MAC Amendment Task Group (TG3b) for Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs) is working on an amendment to 802.15.3 to improve implementation and interoprability of the MAC. This will include minor optimizations while preserving backward compatibility. In addition, this amendment will correct errors, clarify ambiguities, and add editorial clarifications.

Current Status

July04 meeting: Heard presentations on proposed amendments to P802.15.3-2003, created a database containing all of the proposed amendments and current status, and prepared schedule of conference calls for discussing proposed amendments in preparation for the September meeting.

How to participate

  • Participate by attending our Meetings.
  • The TG3b conducts their discussions on their moderated Private Mailing List  You can learn more about the 802.15 Mailing Lists by pointing your browser here.
  • The TG3b Mailing List is converted into an HTML mail archive which can be sorted by date and subject.


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